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Lemongrass & Citrus ~ GL Series (Original) Part 4

I watched as she slowly sauntered towards the beach before I followed her. She was confident with herself – I could see that in her stride, in the way she looked. She walked into the water and lowered herself, beckoning at me with her fingers as she did.

“I told you I’m not much of a swimmer.”

It was obvious that she didn’t hear me; she was already swimming away. I flopped onto the sand at the side, letting the water wash over my toes as I watched her swim. The streaks from her blue bikini flashed brightly under the evening sky, reminding me of those rare sightings of dolphin that I’ve seen once long ago.

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Lemongrass & Citrus ~ GL Series (Original) Part 3

As promised, she took me to a shop nearby the beach, choosing a mat and a beach ball for me. She had her own in her blue Subaru, which was coincidentally the same design as the one she chose for me. I brushed the thoughts swarming in my head – this was a tourist spot after all, which meant everything was mass-produced, which meant that it wasn’t surprising to find people with similar items here. There wasn’t anything going on – I kept repeating in my head, trying not to look at her for too long in that blue bikini of hers.

Seeming as if she had read my mind, she had chosen a spot quite secluded from the rest of the beach-goers, which was quite a feat seeing as the beach was packed at the moment. Apparently it was a common thing to do here – to laze around and watch the sunset before heading for dinner and a nightcap. There were a couple of groups that had their portable BBQ grill with them; I was slightly envious but knowing that I had no knowledge as to how to operate them nor did I have anyone to share it with, I had to forget about it.

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Lemongrass & Citrus ~ GL Series (Original) Part 2

“Akhila … Wah, that sounds so exotic!” she said, as I shook her hand.


I blinked confusingly at her, my dark brown eyes flashing with panic for a moment. I hated being scrutinised by people – though in this case it was warranted as we were introducing ourselves to each other. And didn’t I do the same thing moments before? Still – exotic? Was I? Well, I suppose it sounds exotic to her. Most Japanese would probably encounter white people more often rather than a dark-skinned South Asian here.

I wasn’t technically dark – I had more of a dusky brown skin. My Indian heritage made it such that I had curly black hair that flowed like springy strings. While I’m sure Ritsuko would have considered it more exotic had I allowed it to grow freely, I preferred to keep it short and tied up, barely touching the base of my neck. My t-shirt was plastered against me, as was my shorts – I was suddenly very conscious of my appearance beside a goddess like her.

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Prose ~ Desires ~ Pulse (by Ratana Satis) Fanfiction

Pulse by Ratana Satis
Pulse by Ratana Satis

Desire began to build within
like a volcano slowly gaining heat –
it was mounting within me,
without me able to withstand it.

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GL Fiction

Lemongrass & Citrus ~ GL Series (Original) Part 1

An original story that I have been working on sometime now. Please leave me a comment or a feedback – I’m planning on making this a weekly series ~ it’d be better if I could illustrate this yet I have no skills in art so yeah >< here goes.. 


I didn’t plan on coming to the beach yet somehow I find myself standing by the shore, watching the water wash over my feet. To be honest, I felt a little lost here. It had been a childhood dream to be here – to be living and working here, which was why when I was offered the job, I didn’t think twice before saying yes.

So why was I feeling empty and aimless now?

Looking at the other beach-goers surrounding me, I felt a slight pang of loneliness.

Oh, I was feeling lonely. So that’s why.

I was lonely … and kinda jealous of all the people around me.

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Yuri Fanfics

Prose ~ Free Falling into Love ~ Pulse (by Ratana Satis) Fanfiction

Pulse by Ratana Satis
Pulse by Ratana Satis

Coldness …

That’s what I felt the first time –

The way she spoke,

Her stance –

It seemed as if she felt nothing..

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Yuri-ing On!


So, for the past few months, I’ve been really into a lot of Yuri/GL mangas and well, it’s inspired me to use my writing skills to create stories out of it as well. Not that I’m an excellent writer; more like I’d like to read this kind of stories as well so since there’s little out there, I’ve decided to write my own kinds of Yuri/GL stories. I’m not so sure how often I’d be able to update them but I’m gonna try to post as frequent as possible, alright.

Keep calm and Yuri ON!