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Prose ~ Free Falling into Love ~ Pulse (by Ratana Satis) Fanfiction

Pulse by Ratana Satis
Pulse by Ratana Satis

Coldness …

That’s what I felt the first time –

The way she spoke,

Her stance –

It seemed as if she felt nothing..


I couldn’t help but approach her –

Wondering if her masks were real.

Was there such being in existence after all –

That felt nothing past the boundaries

That they had set upon themselves

So that they do not get hurt?

I admit, I was almost fooled,

Foolishly starting this game of love,

My life and her heart at stake.

We gamble both, not intending to lose

But the price that we were about to pay

Felt worth it.

Her touches, however fleeting

Set me ablaze –

My body all worked up,

Desire for her running high like a fever

Within me –

Begging to be doused upon

With her fiery love, her touch,

her gaze, her kiss.

Her cracks were starting to show

And I fell for her –

Without any wish or want

To stop my downward slide..

I love her –

This doctor with all her masks,

With all her flaws

And with all her fluffs.

Despite my weak and relenting heart,

She had managed to sneak in deep,

Burying herself within –

And now I can’t imagine

Not having her,

Not loving her,

Not being with her.




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