GL Fiction

Lemongrass & Citrus ~ GL Series (Original) Part 1

An original story that I have been working on sometime now. Please leave me a comment or a feedback – I’m planning on making this a weekly series ~ it’d be better if I could illustrate this yet I have no skills in art so yeah >< here goes.. 


I didn’t plan on coming to the beach yet somehow I find myself standing by the shore, watching the water wash over my feet. To be honest, I felt a little lost here. It had been a childhood dream to be here – to be living and working here, which was why when I was offered the job, I didn’t think twice before saying yes.

So why was I feeling empty and aimless now?

Looking at the other beach-goers surrounding me, I felt a slight pang of loneliness.

Oh, I was feeling lonely. So that’s why.

I was lonely … and kinda jealous of all the people around me.

A kind of hysterical laughter tickled my throat, threatening to burst out. Here I was in the country of my dreams and all I could think was about how lonely and empty life was. I should be savouring the moment – I am after all under contract, and if it ends or if I was terminated prematurely, I would have to leave and return to my country. Anything could happen and so I had to make sure I treat this golden opportunity with the respect it deserved.

I should be seizing the moment, damn it!

Giving myself the prep talk as I made my way across the beach, I find my mood slightly better all of a sudden. Pulling my backpack more securely onto my shoulders, I began to scan the beach, searching for a secluded spot hidden from the eyes of others. I still had issues with being in public. *sigh*

Giving in to my impulses was certainly not my style yet just days into my stay here at this country, I find myself feeling suffocated all of a sudden. I kept thinking about escaping, of breaking free. All I could think about was running away and before I knew it, I was already boarding a late train heading towards the airport, booked on a flight to Okinawa.

Not even bothering about the necessities, I had simply grabbed any clothes that I could find and stuffed it into a small bag. It was only when I reached the room that I realised that I had brought only t-shirts and shorts with me; the only slacks in my possession was the one I was wearing. Looks like there was no chance of heading to a restaurant for any meals – I looked like a beach bum with my rugged clothes. Convenience-store-bought bentos it was then.

Luckily enough I managed to find a homely inn that had empty rooms to put up for the next two nights. It has been ages since I last camped outdoors and I wasn’t too keen to experience it once more.

I was so lost in thought that I didn’t notice her at first – and when I did, it was too late.

She completely floored me.

Knocked out of breath, I could only look at the top of her head in confusion. She was sprawled over my chest, her hazel locks spread all over me like spider’s web. As if realising what had just happened and her current position, she suddenly scrambled onto her feet.

“I             am          so           sorry.    Are         you        okay?” she asked me in English, her accent dripping thick with every word that came out from her. She offered me her hands as she spoke, pulling me onto my feet before patting my shoulders to remove the sands that were already slowly making its way into my clothes.

“Yes, I’m fine,” I answered her in Japanese, to her apparent relief.

“Oh, you speak my language! That’s wonderful. I’m not so confident with my English so I was a bit worried there for a moment, wondering how I was going to apologise to you and such. I’m really sorry for what had happened. I was just too excited that I didn’t see where I was going.”

“It’s okay; it was an accident after all.”

She was busy shaking the sands off from her hair, giving me the chance to study her for a moment. Her hazel long hair matched the pair of irises that was hidden behind those thick frames of hers, flowing past her shoulders and slightly curling at the ends around her chest. The bikini that she wore flaunted her skin and highlighted those long legs of hers; at 5 feet 4 inch, everyone towered upon me so it wasn’t disturbing to find myself shorter than her, yet what disturbed me more was the heat I felt upon seeing the pale, milky white complexion of hers. The parts that were uncovered by her equally pale blue bikini was slowly turning pink under the sunlight yet it added a subtle sexual punch to her image.

And boy, was she sexy. The mauve, almost white shade that she had on her toenails gave her a slight air of innocence; I was slightly curious as to the effect she would have had had they been red instead.

Wait a minute – how could I be attracted to her when I just met her? Why was I thinking all of this?

It must be some sort of pheromones that she was releasing.

Catching my eyes on her, she smiled slowly, her lips parting a little as she looked at me.

“I’m Ritsuko Tachibana,” she said as she offered her hand to me once more.

“I’m Akhila; Akhila Mahit.”


And … that’s about it. So what do you think? Drop me a comment or hit me by inbox. Really appreciate your feedback. Thank you ^^


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