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Prose ~ Desires ~ Pulse (by Ratana Satis) Fanfiction

Pulse by Ratana Satis
Pulse by Ratana Satis

Desire began to build within
like a volcano slowly gaining heat –
it was mounting within me,
without me able to withstand it.

She stole my first kiss roughly
and I guess I deserved it –
but having her lips moving forcefully on me
unleashed a kind of chaos
that I had no clue on taming.

Perhaps I felt so cause I was green,
new to the idea of love,
new to the idea of possessing.
Yet her kiss opened up a door I didn’t knew existed
and now once unbolted,
I keep wanting to enter,
to be taken by her.

Her voice, her name repeats in my mind,
and I’m unsatisfied now,
I want her to be mine!
Lying on bed, picturing her,
my hands move on its accord,
my body reacting as if touched by her.

heating up,
breaking in sweat –
I moan her name out loud
as my hands made me wet.
Yet in my mind, it was her –
it was always her.
She was the one doing this,
she was the only one I would allow to.

Her kiss that night
was too much to bear.
I wanted her too much,
I was drowning in my needs.
She was rough and possessive
and though I was taken by surprise,
I wanted more of her touches,
I wanted to be completely hers at last.

Though I understand
that her job comes first,
I can’t help but wish,
she was here with me –
she was here within me.


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