GL Fiction

Lemongrass & Citrus ~ GL Series (Original) Part 5

“What are you doing? Are you out of your mind?”

“I probably am. It feels such at the moment.”


I kept still as she inched forwards towards me. I wondered what she was up to; I didn’t feel any apprehension from her at the moment but I was still feeling slightly wary.


“What are you up to?” I asked her as she stood in front of me.

She was quiet for a moment – staring intently at me, not giving me an answer for my question. In my head, a slight warning bell began to ring – something was up, something was definitely not right.

What was going on in her mind?


As the questions grew increasingly persistent in my head, causing my ears to ring, she lifted her hand and placed her right palm on my cheeks.

Taken aback, I furrowed my eyebrows at her, feeling warm all of a sudden. Before I could say anything, she brought her body closer to mind, her palm slipping slightly to cup my cheeks as her lips slowly made itself home on mine.

The shock of being kissed by her made me jolt hard for a moment – I was sure she felt it too, yet it did not deter her from continuing what she was doing.


Her lips were persistent on mine, yet its soft movement on me surrounded me with a kind of tenderness – I felt like I was falling, but I wasn’t afraid as I felt that her arms would be there to catch me. Her palm felt hot on my cheek – her other was slowly sneaking its way around my waist as she pulled me closer. The brush of her body against mine spread heat throughout me like wildfire – I was defenseless all of a sudden.

Her tongue snuck out, tracing the outline of mine and I parted without much persuasion. I was already feeling hazy and light headed – I’ve never been kissed with such tenderness before. I was swaying in her embrace; her arms holding me tight against her. Her tongue touched the tip on mine, yet she didn’t push herself in. Brushing mine once, then twice, she traced my lips once again with her tongue, still taking it slow and tenderly.

Without realising, my arms automatically circled her neck, pulling her closer, inviting her for more. My tongue searched for hers, wanting to taste it, wanting to savour what it had to offer. I was pressing myself on her – the lust that she had kindled threatening to engulf me.

This was maddening – what had she done to me?

I wanted her.


After an eternity later (or so that was how I felt), she slowly broke off the kiss; her hands still holding me close.


“I had wanted to do that since this afternoon,” she said softly, breaking the silence between us.

“What if I had pushed you away – what if this isn’t what I want?”

“Then I’d have walked away – there’s nothing else that I could do about it, right? I would have been disappointed, of course, but I wouldn’t force you to accept me.”

“Why?” truthfully, that was all I was curious about – what triggered this. “It’s not like I’ll be seeing you anymore after this.”

“That’s more of a reason, isn’t it? I felt like this is something you’d be fine with – and well, a one-night stand is all I’m looking for actually. You’re just about the kind that I’d go for.”


A moment ago I thought she was gentle and kind but now, I had no idea what to feel anymore. Of course, I wasn’t expecting anything to begin with – I’ve always known that I’m not the kind of person that would be pursued by another. Somehow it made me feel as if all the things she had done for me up until now was for this one reason – I was starting to feel convinced that that was what she was after all this while. At the same time, I couldn’t push her away as well – my body was still tuned to her; I was all hot and bothered and the person who could satisfy me at the moment was right in front of me.


“Have I offended you?” she asked, noticing my sudden lapse into silence.

“I can’t say I am – because, why not?”


She smiled at me as she slowly stroked my back, both of us swaying to a kind of tune that only we could hear.


“I’m not sure how long you’ll be here but I’m going to give you a kind of experience that will make you look back fondly.”


I couldn’t help it; I laughed at her remark. I realised then she was slowly backing me up towards the bed; she was taking the lead. I smiled internally – I wondered for a fleeting moment how this would end. My sexual encounters were limited; even so, I was sure it wouldn’t go as easy as she thought it would be. I allowed her to lead me, flopping onto the bed when she pushed at me gently. She kneeled beside me, slowly crawling towards me – I guess she thought it was erotic?

I felt like laughing desperately suddenly – I’ve read a lot of yuri mangas to feel a sudden sense of déjà vu. Her hair framed her face as she hovered above me, trapping me between the bed and her body. She cupped my cheeks once again.


“You’re beautiful.”


I couldn’t help it; I laughed.


“Look, you’re looking for a one-night stand right? You’re not courting me so you don’t have to compliment me – I don’t believe those adjectives when it’s applied on me anyways so it’s a turn off.”


I guess such a frankness was the last thing she expected from me – I’m sure she was wondering what happened to the meek woman that was with her moments ago.


“You … you’re like a different person all of a sudden.”


I was getting tired of this; I reached out and rolled above her, reversing our positions. Seeing as she was now pinned beneath me, I applied a slight pressure on our pressed hips, grinding softly, causing her to moan our loud; my previous disappointment with the changing of her behaviour all forgotten now.

I kissed her this time, setting my own pace, draping her with my mood and wants. While her kiss earlier on was to make her intention known, mine was simply to pleasure her. It wasn’t hard to pleasure someone – when you put yourself secondary. In bed, my needs were always secondary – my woman had my entire focus and attention.

Kissing her, my lips were slowly capturing and enslaving her to my beat – at this moment the least. My tongue sought hers, wanting to mate, wanting to taste her once again. Her kiss had ended too fast for my liking; I planned to take my own sweet time with her. To hell with sleep tonight, I’m taking what I want with no intention of stopping until I have what I need.

Tongues tangling, I could feel her squirming beneath me, desperate for my hands to run across her body. Keeping my own arousal in check, my insistent lips grew tender on hers – a satisfied sigh escaping from her all of a sudden. Pleased with her reaction, my hand snuck out, cupping her cheek as I deepened the kiss, pressing her onto the pillow. She placed a hand on my chest, giving me a slight nudge, subtly asking me to break the kiss – was she at her limits already?


“Whoa!” she said once I broke away. “What was that? You can’t call that a kiss!”


Ignoring her, I moved to her neck – I wanted to take a juicy bite of her throat. She must’ve not seen it coming; her loud moan sent tingles down my spine. Drunk with the sounds she was making, with the sensations that she was making me feel, I used my tongue and teeth on her delicate flesh, leaving an obvious trail of my exploits on her body.

Her hands sought for purchase on the bed – not finding any, she gripped my hips, moving under my t-shirt and finding my bare skin. Her fingers dug in as I moved past her throat. Her thin cotton t-shirt did nothing much in concealing the effect my touches had on her body – the outline of her hardened nipples showing slightly despite of it and the bikini she still wore underneath. Unable to stop myself, I bit on them softly, enjoying the odd taste that the mixture of cotton fabric, her scent and her sweat left on my tongue.

Arching her back, bringing her body close to mine, she reared up and hastily removed her t-shirt, straining against me when I locked her wrists beside her head just as she was about to pull on the string that held her bikini up.


“I want your hands on me,” she said, writhing against my hold.

“I want to unwrap you myself – you are an unexpected gift after all,” I smiled at her as I slowly released her wrists and reached out for the strings.


Locking eyes with her, I gave the strings a slight tug, making them come undone, freeing her breasts from their hold. Wanting to savour the whole of her, I decided to strip her bottoms as well, leaving her lying bare on the bed, watching her at length as the pink flush slowly made its way up her body.

Her arms crept up, covering her breasts as she crossed her legs and looked away.


“It’s not fair for me to be the only one naked here. I want to see you as well.”


My mind played around with her request for a moment. I was quite insecure with my looks; I had always felt I looked pudgy, unattractive and definitely lacking in sex appeal. It was easier with my previous partners; I was always the top, hence I never had to remove my clothes as long as I satisfied them. I can’t seem to recall anyone asking me to see me naked before; I was sure none of my partners had such a request.

Still locking eyes with hers, I removed my t-shirt, before slowly taking off my half-tank and my binder. My eyes never left hers, wanting to see her reaction as I stood topless in front of her. She waited, wanting to see if I’d go further, and when I didn’t, she reached out her hands, offering them to me.

Unexplainably moved by her gesture and by the smoldering look she had in her eyes, I gripped her hand as I straddled her once more. Making sure that my body didn’t come in contact with hers at first, I kissed her once again, wanting to feel that sweet nectar that dripped from her every time we kissed – but she had other plans. As soon as my lips touched hers, she arched back, circling her hands around my neck as she pulled my body close to hers.

The feel of her chest – her erect nipples on my equally hardened one was too much for the both of us to bear. Moaning, we pulled at each other, rubbing our bodies together, driving each other wild with desires. I closed my mouth hungrily over her breasts, twirling her hardened nub with my tongue, grazing them with my teeth, sucking at them softly. Her hands were lost in my hair, gripping my locks tightly every time I used my teeth. As I moved from one breast to another, her fingers dug on my back – I was sure she broke my skin but I couldn’t care less about it then.

Taking my time with her body, with my own arousal stoked-up by her wandering hands, I journeyed down her stomach, trailing kisses as I went on my happy trail downwards. A soft patch of hair grew on her mound yet brushing my cheeks on them, all I felt was a kind of drowsiness; a kind of delirious state of being. My fingers stroked her mound as it slowly dipped lower.

She was equally warm and wet when I touched her – her drenched entrance enticing me to journey in deeper. Her softness was inviting; her moans were seducing; her wetness arousing me. She clutched at my shoulders as I positioned myself between her legs, bracing herself against me, moving her hips as my fingers went in deeper.


“Akhila…” she moaned out my name, the rest of her sentence drowned by her gasps and pants.


Feeling playful and desperately wanting to tease her further, I laid on my tummy between her thighs, letting my tongue have its way with her folds. Her gasps of shock turned into moans in mere seconds, her fingers tugging at my hair at its roots, pressing me to go deeper unconsciously. She tasted sweet on my tongue, driving me crazy with her taste, with her scent. She was overflowing – I could feel the steady increase of her juices.


“I can’t … Please, I beg you – Akhila!”


Pulling off my shorts, I knelt between her once again, bringing our thighs closer. Positioning my body close to hers, I slowly aligned my hips on hers.


Fuck, I didn’t realise I was overflowing as well!


Grinding my hips, moving against her, I could feel the juices overflowing from both of us mixing together. Clasping my hands, she increased the pace, moving faster as the desperation for release took over. We were gasping and moaning out loud, our backs drenched with sweat, the bed damp with our passionate love making yet neither of us wanted to stop – not until we reached the peak.

She was repeating my name, chanting it as if it was some sort of mantra. Hearing my name repeated in a voice drunk with need and lust did wonders to my already-on-overdrive libido.

Climax erupted within us almost simultaneously; she shot out of the bed to embrace me, digging her nails in once again, holding me tight as pleasure erupted within her, triggering mine with hers. Returning her embrace, I fell onto the bed, holding her in my arms as our bodies twitched still from the waves of pleasure still rocking through us.

Tangled limbs, like soldiers wasted on the battlefield, we lay motionless on the bed, still breathless. Cradling her in my arms, I brought her closer to me, kissing her softly on the lips before falling deep into sleep.



I was told by my beta readers that my lack of experience in sex was showing in this chapter (LOL) – would like to hear your feedback on this. Thank you for reading ^v^




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