GL Fiction

What’s With the Name

Just a quick post; I’ve been asked recently about what prompted me to use such a title for this story – and well, it was inspired by my ex girlfriend, though.

When I was coming up with the concept and sketching out a rough draft of the story, she introduced to me a song that had these lines in them, “she smells like lemongrass and sleep” (we became addicted to the song and the singer’s voice), whereas the Citrus part came from the fact that her perfume had a very tangy, citrus-y scent to it. Every time we were together, that scent would envelope me – so much that I still remember it though we’ve broken up more than 2 years ago. >.<‘

That’s how I ended up with such a title; sounds unoriginal, I know but that’s how it came to fruition (no pun intended)


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