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Prose ~ I’m Done ~ Serenade (Keum Kyesoo) Fanfiction

Serenade by Keum Kyesoo
Serenade by Keum Kyesoo

“I’m done with love,

I’m done opening myself up that way again.

I had given all that I could –

I’m empty now,

I have nothing left to offer.

If only it was as simply

As the mending of broken bones

Yet even that has support for it to heal –

What is there to lend me support

for this bleeding mass to function normal once more?

While the images of her flashes by

Like film negatives in my mind,

A kind of painful happiness is evoked within –

As I can see all the life within her in her smile,

And so I wish fleetingly that she’d be mine,

Yet even then it does no help,

This wishing only makes me yearn for her more.

I’m done with love –

I’m never opening myself up that way once again.

I swear it this time.”


(This doesn’t take into account events from chapter 32 onwards)


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