Dark Poetry

Winter’s Bastardisation of Love

Pic Credit : http://chainimage.com/images/anime-girl-brunette-sadness-relaxation-freedom-free-hd-wallpapers.jpg
Pic Credit : http://chainimage.com/images/anime-girl-brunette-sadness-relaxation-freedom-free-hd-wallpapers.jpg

Meeting her during one springtime,

I fell in love with her

without being able to think twice.

Enchanted and possessed,

I trailed after her.

A hungry beast I was –

desperate to consume her.

Summer pleasures,

lounging around on the beach.

Getting some sun time,

tanning that white into peach.

I looked at her,

and felt nothing but endless desires.

God, she looked so ripe;

how could I not want to take a bite?

Autumn came,

scattering leaves in the breeze.

Dying the town auburn,

we filled the air with our sweet innocence.

Love was given, love was taken –

love was a demon we had awakened.

Winter came,

its icicles hanging dangerously above our heads.

Sending chills into her,

it hardened everything she had.

The warmth I had hungrily possessed once not long ago,

now appears frozen,

eliminating everything we had.

She smiled at me,

as empty and cold as a December night –

before she departed

and left me standing alone under the streetlight.

Winter has since been a season of mourning,

for that was when I gave up on living.

I was foolish for searching for rainbows in the dark.


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