Dark Poetry

Rigid Minds ~ Broken Heart


The darkness that falls brings a different kind of hell,
Ice cold shiver rises up, threatening all with a spell.
The bell toils, the chimes loud and clear,
The spells been cast, the end seems near.

In a frozen trance, she crosses the land
Quietly like a mice, scouring each ends.
There seems to be no exit, no way out
Trapped, she began to howl out in pain out loud.

Beating against the doors of the prison in her mind,
She suddenly felt rigid – stuck in a kind of vise-like bind.
Everything she had done, had evaporated just like that,
She was simply a collateral now, damaged goods gone bad.

To think she thought this would be different, this would be safe,
All she managed to do was to dig up another grave.
It was her mistake – she shouldn’t have believed in happiness
For it never brought anything good – nothing but tears.

Why should she behave the way you wanted her to
Just because she promised to do whatever you wanted her to do?
Humans are not meant to be such, we’re not made so,
So why do you do this – why stoop so low?


I’ve told you before, I’m as insane as you are
why play this game, why do you go this far?


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