Dark Poetry



Everything seems to be getting longer these days;
The days, the time, the aching emptiness that leaves me in a daze.
I’m often kept awake by empty thoughts of you –
Thoughts that couldn’t be formed or fulfilled thanks to not knowing you.

Everything’s been exhausting as such,
For wanting something seems as if I’m asking too much.
My words are a repetition, and that’s how it is in my mind,
For no matter how hard I searched, my soul is something I just can’t find.

Lost in an empty space, in a moving time,
Nothing stops for you, just because you’re in a bind.
A lesson learnt the hard way, a lesson that left a deep mark,
Everything I touch dissolves now, everything I touch turns pitch black.

Deep inside of me, I know something is broken,
This madness is consuming me, eating me alive with every passing second.
My soul is tired; no wonder it vanished without a trace
Nothing ever became right when I do it in haste.

For that’s how I am, impatient and persistent,
Longing after someone who isn’t mine to be taken.
Chaos resides in the depths of my mind, and my heart,
This was a race I’d never win, even if I had a head start.


There you go again, blubbering about things you don’t understand,
You act like a spoiled brat, allowing chaos to give all your rules a bend.
Inconsistency is at its best when it’s in you,
So why do you start this rhyme, when darkness seems to be your only hue?


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