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Nicknames ~ A Shinitasha Fanfic

Pic Credit : http://elliotdrawpls.tumblr.com/post/154086267932/this-piece-was-submitted-into-a-contest-go-like
Pic Credit : http://elliotdrawpls.tumblr.com/post/154086267932/this-piece-was-submitted-into-a-contest-go-like
“A continuation of yesterday’s theme – a fanfic of two heavyweights from the Goddammit Mei! group on Facebook. A huge thanks to the artist for allowing me to use their artwork.” 


Artist’s tumblr link: http://elliotdrawpls.tumblr.com/


“Can you explain to me once again what are we doing out here in the cold?” Shini asked.

“Well, we hardly had any moments to ourselves, ever since that night at your place the other day so I thought it’d be a nice change of scenery for both of us to be outdoors on our day off.”

Hearing Alex bring up the topic of that night – the night she confessed about her jealousy and fear of Alex’s growing fan base – caused her to turn scarlet. Shini glanced at Alex to see if she had brought up the topic on purpose, but Alex merely tugged on her hand and pushed it into one of the pockets of her jacket; gripping Shini’s gloved hand in hers as they walked towards the supermarket.

Shini had never expressed it to Alex previously but she loved grocery shopping with Alex; just the two of them, doing mundane but homely things together. It might seem like it’s nothing special, but to her, it was one of those time that she cherished the most. It made her feel like they were living together and were enjoying the simplest things in life.

Walking into the supermarket, Alex grabbed onto a basket, still keeping hold of Shini’s hand in her pocket. Browsing through the aisles, taking things off the shelf and putting it into the basket that Alex held, Shini was efficiently getting the things that they both needed. Alex however was busy making a nuisance of herself; somehow doing something couple-like with Shini had put her in a playful mood; she had released her hold on Shini’s hand and was secretly adding things to the basket when Shini wasn’t looking.

Queuing up at the counter, Shini was surprised to see the basket was almost overflowing with things that she couldn’t recall taking in the first place. Puzzled, she looked at Alex, who was busy pretending to be occupied with the brochures arranged at the side of the counter. Shini understood everything at that moment; amused, she shook her head and paid for their purchase without asking Alex anything. After all, Alex had to carry the bulk of the things they bought anyways.

Realising that Shini was aware of what she had done, Alex grinned at her sheepishly.


“I didn’t expect you to pay for them without asking anything. Half of the things I added there were just for fun.”

“Well, since you added them, you’ve got to finish them. You reap what you sow, Alex.”


Laughing, Alex simply nodded. Luckily all that she added were mostly snacks that they could share during their movie nights. Walking ahead of Shini, she started thinking of ways to convince her girlfriend to leave the selection of the movie to her tonight.


“By the way, I just remembered something.”

“What is it?”

“Why did’ya post that nickname on the group?” Shini asked.

“What nickname?” Noticing Shini’s glare, Alex laughed, “You mean, Shibi?”

“Damn it, Alex. Now I have no idea who’s gonna use it on me after this. Xevia is already calling me Gamichan at every opening she gets.”

Still laughing, Alex turned to look at Shini. “Whichever it is, it’s a cute name for a …. cute person like you.”


Stopping for a while, Shini bend over to roll some snow in her palms, making them into a ball before hurling it at Alex. It hit the blonde squarely on her nose; white puffy ice slowly falling into flakes at her feet. Stunned, she looked at Shini, who had started to laugh at Alex’s reaction.


“I can’t believe you just stood there and watched as I hurled it at you. It’s kinda obvious what I had in mind, right?”

“My thoughts were elsewhere – I was thinking of all those moments that I thought you were cute, including now.”

Blushing a little, Shini shrugged as if to say she wasn’t affected by Alex’s words. “I know well enough that you only call me cute when you’re referring to my height difference with you. I hate our height difference; you always make fun of how small I am.”

“It’s not done necessarily to make fun of you; I love that you’re smaller than me,” Alex said as she approached Shini. “’Cause then at night, I can have the whole of you in my arms, curled up against me. You always fit in snuggly against me – haven’t I told you how much I love that?” Alex dipped her head and rubbed her icy-cold nose on Shini’s. “And it allows me to do this too – you’re just perfect for me, kitty. I wouldn’t change any parts of you for anything or anyone else in this world.”


Both of their cheeks were stained red; neither would say if it was from the cold or from the warmth radiating from the passionate gaze they were sharing just then. One thing’s for sure, movie night was postponed that day as they had other plans in mind – one that they intended to take as much of time as possible.


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