Dark Poetry

Self Destruct




at the mere touch of your fingers,
the air clogs up my lungs all of a sudden,
making me pant, desperate for salvation.

Incoherent thoughts jumbled up deep within,
making me wish for a distraction,
something to pull me away from this situation I am in.
Yet I’m pretty sure the answer is obvious to be seen,
when I’ve shown time and time again that it’s you that makes me kneel.

Desire is stronger than despair,
yet the anguish of having you say no to me time and time again
fills me with so much of misery.

It was foolish of me for not knowing my place,
And now it’s too late, I can’t return back to the old pace.
My love and heart were given away without much thought,
This is the destruction I’ve chosen for me, this is my only way out.



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