Prose ~ Floating Pieces

Left in pieces

That was floating around,

Washed up onto the shore

Of an abandoned island.


And in the sudden thunderstorm,

A memory comes flooding back

Of a re-enactment of my heart breaking apart

Once too often years ago –

A locked up memory kept hidden

By a mind hell-bent on protecting

This fragile heart of mine.


The revelation leaves me shaken,

Wondering what had I invited in

Once again –

Yet love had no expiry date

Nor a ‘best – used’ before rate –

Its value diminished not

Yet the lessons it served

Can be forgotten not.


And so the pieces of me

That kept floating still

Was picked and fixed again

On the shores of that abandoned island.


Hoping with all I had

That this time around love would be

Continuously served –

That neither of us would ever

Go hungry –

Not even for a single night.


I await still

Beneath the hollow tree

For the one I love

To once again return home.



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