Dark Poetry



I’ve been told I have an addiction;
That I’m ruining my life, wasting it away –
Yet I can’t say I see it so
When it leaves me feeling so alive.

The bitter burn it leaves on the back of my throat
a constant reminder of the bitter bile
I had forcefully swallowed during the day –
and each exhale takes the toxic away;
each exhale empties the bile,
cleansing, emptying all that’s within.

It might be an expensive habit
but it’s something I find necessary –
because it isn’t an addiction to me –
It’s merely my choice of poison.


Contradictory –
your words are contradictory once again.
How can one that makes you feel alive
be your chosen poison at the same time?


I am a mass of contradiction –
have I ever denied it?
There’s always something in life that can both kill you and give you life –
fall in love and you’ll be able to see,
what I’m talking about exactly.


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