Dark Poetry

Murky Waters


Thoughts unravelling
Like a million of birds set free –
Each pieces whispering frantically
Of different thoughts,
Darkened desires.

Nauseated –
The thoughts inhibiting this space
Leaves one nauseated.
There isn’t much to be desired
From one
With such a blackened heart.

The stain refuses to be washed away
Regardless how hard
Or how often
It’s been bleached.
The residues remains –
Stark black,
A reminder,
A tattoo –
Irreversible, unchangeable, permanently there.

The masks worn
Cracks all of a sudden,
Revealing the hideous being
Hidden underneath.
The facade is over,
Everything has been revealed –
Haven’t I told you repeatedly
That I’m not one to be trusted?

Truth be told,
I’m in the dark myself –
All these disguises I’ve worn
Have erased my being –
And now I’m merely a shell
Of existence
With no original identity.

I am nothing.


You can’t hope to achieve
With the way you’ve been

There’s no outcome
For this ludicrous move –
Who’d come close
When you don’t even know yourself?


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