Dark Poetry

Borrowed Time



Frustration eked on with the passing of time,
Monotony was death’s curse in this game.
The knowledge of her was too much to be ignored
And so the dice was thrown, the pawns were moved.

It wasn’t a poison apple, so there was no harm to it
But perhaps it was a gamble I was meant to lose.
I had nothing to offer as a wager after all –
So all that was left was my being to give.

I should have ignored Mephisto’s offerings.
But the temptations were too strong; I was blind to all.
The desire for her and her love pushed logic far away
And so I accepted the cards he had cunningly dealt my way.

But I was about to gain nothing, you see –
Neither happiness nor the heart of the one I loved.
I was foolish to have thought there was a chance –
Too self-absorbed to notice what was going on.

And now he awaits for the years to fade;
Each grain of the falling sands of time
a reminder
Of what I’ll soon lose, of what that’ll soon fade.

He awaits silently to drag me away;
Putting an end to all of this, an end to this deal I’d made.


You were always a fool for leading with your heart –
You refused to see, you refused to hear me out.
What’s the point of reason if you never used it in your life –
There we go again, losing everything in sight.

Love wasn’t meant to kill you
Yet when it’s with you, that’s how it ends.
You have no regards for anything or anyone else –
How can you be loved when your feelings are a mess?

Death is meant for you, it suits you well;
You’re already halfway there – you can’t deny that fact.
Let’s end this; I’m tired of you, of your stubborn heart –
You made the prophecy come true; you brought death upon us all.


I don’t regret this; not a single bit –
I rather have this as an end, despite all of it.
He can drag me, for all I care –
I’d rather die with everything exposed, with my being bare.


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