Dark Poetry



Running in circles,
it honestly feels like I’m running in circles.
Trapped in a maze with no exits, no escape;
like a hamster caught in its wheels,
tangled mess, broken limbs.

What’s the purpose of all of this
why do I suffer so much still?
Weary, I’m just so fucking weary at the moment –
Can we end this here, can I put a stop to this madness?

The day crawls on, dragging on its heels,
the grain of sands falls slow still.
Choking – I’m choking on my own shallow breath,
I want this to end so much – good God, take me to my death!

I don’t have a purpose, and even if I did, I lack the will.
I want this to end, in all honesty, I don’t want this to go on still.
I have no place nor any footing here,
So let me go, release me from this hell.


You tried calling death once, tempting it to take you
But it never came to you despite what you offered.
What makes you think it’ll answer you
When nothing has changed from then to now?

You lost a lot of blood but life remained within
Suffocating and tormenting your battered body.
That’s how you’d live, that’s how you’ll remain here, still standing,
there’s no escape for you – none from this pitiful existence you’re in.


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