Dark Poetry

Dejected Love

Loving another shouldn’t be this painful
but for some, it’s often such.
Not all are able to find another –
not all are able to be a lover.

Some get on by, thinking they’re unlovable to begin with
while others, sit at the sidelines and simply cry,
wondering why and where it went wrong.
Some continues to love regardless,
knowing that once given, the heart wouldn’t be returned.
And in each situation I wonder,
is the taste of love tantalising enough to risk all of this?
You could look at couples and feel envious,
but maybe it isn’t meant to be –
maybe love would always be a mystery.
Oh, it seems that the old adage is true –
finders, keepers
and losers, weepers.
So weep if you must –
weep until your tears turn into dust.
And once it stops, wake up and understand your position –
love is simply beyond being in your possession.
You’ve known it all along –
a being like you will never know warmth.
So why bother with all these emotions
when you know you’ll end up dejected and broken?
Remember the words I’ve once said to you…
A demon deserves no love,
heed my omen.
Ignore it and you’ll see,
the cruel and harsh fate that would befall thee.

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