Dark Poetry

Barren Fields



Her name,
The very thought
Brought life to the barren emptiness
That was my heart..

And in that empty field
Life grew in an abundance;
Its hot breath birthing from
The warmth that love for her brought..

Then it became apparent
That love wasn’t to be given
And breath escaped like a pricked balloon –
All life that had bloomed
Now lay wilted on the ground,
Lifeless and deformed..

Her name,
Once whispered in a fiery breath
Now escapes my lips
In a hushed, painful whimper.
A kind that was unknown before
Now vibrates in every cell,
Swamping me all over,
Kneeling me to the ground..
The field grows empty,
Barren henceforth..

Life goes on,
Even when it doesn’t feel so..


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