I’m gonna keep this simple.

Lesbian, Malaysian, Dark-Skinned, Shorty, Writing-hobbyist.

Yuri/GL lover.


Sometimes, some stories just doesn’t turn out the way I want it to be – or, I’d like to have more elaboration on it. It leaves me hanging for more – you get me? So this is kinda how I get more – by writing about it. (for fan-fiction of course)

Characters used in fan-fiction are usually from a particular manga/manhwa/anime – I only write the stories as a fan (hence fan-fiction)(under the yuri banner).

Characters used in fiction (under the GL banner) – stories that I write however belongs to me; all fiction here┬áthat are not associated with fan-fiction are the product of my imagination (unless stated otherwise)



Recently I’ve been posting poetry on a daily basis – more of a dark poetry label. It’s a new direction that I’m taking, so I hope you can give me feedback on it as well.

ALL IMAGES/reference to links and pictures on this blog are from one or more sources – I do not own them and in no shape or form do I make any money out of them. Sometimes I can’t state the source because it might come up from a random Google Search so this disclaimer is to reinstate that NONE OF THE IMAGES ON THIS BLOG BELONGS TO ME (unless stated otherwise)