Just gonna do another quick post.

I’m sorry that I haven’t been posting on my stories recently – that I’ve been doing poetry instead. To be honest, I can’t seem to continue the story at the moment – I’m lacking in spirit (kinda). Things have been hectic recently and well, you can say that my heart isn’t in it at the moment. I’ve been feeling emotional and lost recently – and also heartbroken, which I think is very much evident in my poetry.

Nonetheless, I have partial draft of the next chapter – I’ve just been stalling as to how I want the story to flow. I intended my GL Fiction to be lighthearted and fun but now I’ve been thinking that maybe I should try to incorporate some serious elements into it. And well, there’s another story that I’ve been itching to write and so, everything is jumbled up in my head at the moment.

I’ll try to upload the next chapter in a couple of days.



Thanks for sticking with me still. And thank you for the 1K views – I certainly didn’t expect to achieve that in just 3 months of blogging. I hope I can continue churning words for a long period of time.

Until then.


Prose ~ Floating Pieces

Left in pieces

That was floating around,

Washed up onto the shore

Of an abandoned island.


And in the sudden thunderstorm,

A memory comes flooding back

Of a re-enactment of my heart breaking apart

Once too often years ago –

A locked up memory kept hidden

By a mind hell-bent on protecting

This fragile heart of mine.


The revelation leaves me shaken,

Wondering what had I invited in

Once again –

Yet love had no expiry date

Nor a ‘best – used’ before rate –

Its value diminished not

Yet the lessons it served

Can be forgotten not.


And so the pieces of me

That kept floating still

Was picked and fixed again

On the shores of that abandoned island.


Hoping with all I had

That this time around love would be

Continuously served –

That neither of us would ever

Go hungry –

Not even for a single night.


I await still

Beneath the hollow tree

For the one I love

To once again return home.



Love Letters for an Anon

Citrus by Saburo Uta
Citrus by Saburo Uta


I wish I could say this to you right now.

I love you.

The problem with me saying that is that we hardly know each other. The words “I Love You” might sound like an overused quote to you.

I understand it’s hard to believe me. You don’t believe me, nor the words that comes out of me. Your past had left a thousand of scars all over you – ones that are visible only to you. You had been used, discarded and abused – you had given up on the notion that true love is real and tangible. Love for you is now forever tied to something else.

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Yuri-ing On!


So, for the past few months, I’ve been really into a lot of Yuri/GL mangas and well, it’s inspired me to use my writing skills to create stories out of it as well. Not that I’m an excellent writer; more like I’d like to read this kind of stories as well so since there’s little out there, I’ve decided to write my own kinds of Yuri/GL stories. I’m not so sure how often I’d be able to update them but I’m gonna try to post as frequent as possible, alright.

Keep calm and Yuri ON!